Johnny Said *Hit Me*


Before The Matrix, there was Johnny Mnemonic (circa 1995) - who showed me what "cyber-punk" was. The daze of low-tech and digital animation in all it's glorious infancy. Images and concepts ingrained within my addled brain, I purge as best as I can unto paper with ink (direct, without penciled base).

Johnny said: "Hit Me."

Rest For The Battle Weary


Haven't done much sketches or doodles of late (worth scanning or snapping pics of anyways) - bogged down by self-induced work stress ("pro-bono" since the blog ain't a money churner LOL) and general lack of inspiration or the impetus to pick up a pencil, much less doodle on paper and ink it to the end. But I'm beginning to be drawn to sketching in my books (bought specifically to doodle in, not haphazardly destroy books, nnnoooOOOooooo!) - which reminds me of my wayward youth, content to doodle in school textbooks rather than reading the text itself (I still have pages to prove that too! Yes, I ripped them out and have kept them thru the decades LOL). Anyways, expect more book-page doodles to come-ish :)

Meanwhile, this is titled "Rest For The Battle Weary" - which when started, was supposed to be "Pensive Rest Before The Battle", but somehow did not felt as such after the last inked-line.

Nom De Seven


I've always had a fascination with the number "7" - although I doubt it is my "lucky number" - perhaps t'was due to my liking of Ultraman Seven, from my youth. This is a quick Nom De Plume (from ThreeA Toys) if he were melded thru the TOYSREVIL-mill - done initially for a submission to ThreeA Toys "Call For Artists", but alas did not follow thru.




Street Troll

I've not thought of a name for this "Street Troll" (aka a troll which lives and is accepted amongst humans) - inspired by Hellboy 2's current online virals - doodled for a post on the expose of a fictional pharmaceutical company farming and abusing trolls "in an attempt to extract their life giving marrow" - heh ... okay, dude looks like a "Marvin", but only his friends call him "Marv".

Marv was penciled and inked in under 20-minutes.


a quickie 5-minute pencil base and a 20-minute ink via various pens and felts, followed by a coupla-odd hours photoshop coloring (duration spread out). the intention was to use the yellow CRZ-armor to reinforce the "sunny day out"-feel, which i didn't manage to get from the background - the "sunlight-glare" effect in final image looks like just a bad render, but hey, nothing is ever perfect LOL - altho i do like the 3rd stage image, it just seems a tad "incomplete" ... had wanted to render "mountains" behind CRZ, where he lays upon for a break ... but that would've been stretching it a tad, i reckon ... :)

p/s: the rocket out-back was digitally removed becoz it was the wrong shape! (my excusing being I did this doodle via memory - heh) ... and my previously dead-PC came back to digital-life (after replugging in the main-socket LOL), hence the usage of scanner! (long story). i am happy again :)


Tea For CRZ


another CRZ quickie-sketch - penciled in 10 minutes, inked in 40-ish. unable to scan image (as PC with scanner-drive had to go and die on me *sob*) for photoshop coloring, so this'll have to do for now ... tis ironic to both enjoy the unbridled freedom of sketching with whatever mediums at hand, but chained by the practicality of technology ... not making much sense am i? ... time for some tea, i reckon! heh.


Combat-R-Zero by Toysrevil


And so as the deadline drew closer (which has since lapsed), i thought i'd join in the Combat-R-Zero Fanart Contest (for fun) with a last minute doodle (hence the chaotic cross-hatching LOL). Started with a rough pencil base and inked over with various markers and felt-pens, and finished off with a felt-calligraphy pen - then scanned in for coloring in photoshop (FYI - I lurve me my crusty "browned"-papers, especially if they be "old" LOL)


It was either having two different contrasting color-mechas duking it out, or similar colors for a "heightened" sense of chaos - which I finally chose the latter, with a slight tonal-green for both 'bots. Not too happy with my "Action-Smudge / Motion-Blur" tho - but I've gotta stop somewhere LOL


Time taken for base-sketch was about 15-20 minutes, sporadic inking took nearly an hour-half (in-between watching my evening Korean-drama serial on teh telly and having dinner LOL) and final photoshop-coloring took nearly 4 hours! (in between blogging LOL) ... Well, I had fun and I hope the participants did as well? Go Peep the Final Submissions HERE :)


The Rumbler versus Combat-R-Zero

a quickie-sketch i cobbled-up for an online fan-art / drawing contest [full info here] - anyone can join :)

on above-left is the "original" pencil-sketch i did on "found print-paper" (ie: page ripped from some random magazine or print - my fav medium :p) ... and inked over with calligraphy-brushed felt-marker/pen (can't survive without it) ... and added shadows with Copic Grey markers (cool tones) ... image was then scanned into my Mac (by my scanner whose dying slowly and can never scan crisp+sharp images to save it's own miserable electronic-life - but i still luvs it lah :p) ... and photoshopped-colored (if i said i ran out of Red-marker ink, would you believe me? but i did! *cough* :p) ... then added text over images in p/s as well (am frustrated i have limited fonts to play with, but alas im too lazy to search and download freeware :p) and the result is image above-right (click on to embiggen, for y'all to point at on your computer-screen and laugh at, tis cool, i know my limitations LOL) ... timeline: an hour? two tops (yes, i may yet attempt to time myself next time, if ever i can remember, but does it really matter? tis just an excuse for me to come up with substandard-doodles, i know LOL) ... yes, photoshop helps make up for loads of skills i do not possess, im afraid ... heh :p


when bunnies battle

above is the colored-in image of Mugs versus Lapin (apologies to original character creators Luke Chueh and Mr.Clement :p) - the legs of Lapin were actually redrawn and photoshopped-in ... below is the original-sketch = scanned+photoshopped contrasted (note the horrendeously mis-proportioned feets on Petit Lapin?)
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